Lowered Alignments

For many enthusiasts, lowering their car is the first and most important modification they do to their vehicles. There is no question that losing a little height will transform the look of your ride, as well as the handling.
lowered lexus f sport
The modifications you have to do for every single vehicle to compensate for lowering them varies.
camber diagram 1
Almost every car on the road today, excluding trucks and some SUVs, all have some form of independent suspension utilizing at least a lower control arm on each side as well as using rack and pinion steering. This style of suspension allows both the wheels on the axle to cycle through their travel independently of each other, using individual control arms for each side for location.
camber diagram 2
Depending on the vehicle and how low you decide to go, you may have enough factory adjustment to be able to correct most of the negative camber. For most people lowering their vehicle 1.5” or more, it may be necessary to consider going for coilovers with existing camber plates, ordering camber plates, or using an aftermarket camber bolt or adjustable control arm to get yourself the alignment you want.

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